Transfer Services

assets2Luxury coaches, taxis & limos
High Connect S.A. maintains a specialized department in providing coach and other transportation services supporting all ground transportation needs of our customers through its privately owned fleet of motor coaches and luxurious taxis, limo as well as through carefully selected partners.

Motorcoaches Fleet
High Connect fleet of motor coaches is currently comprised of luxurious coaches of various capacities (19-60 seats). It is the most modern (manufactured between 2006-2013) fleet in Greece, equipped with the latest technology to provide safe and pleasant transportations.
Main Features may vary depending on type of motor coach.

Luxurious Taxi & Limo Fleet
High Connect maintains a privately-owned fleet of luxurious Mercedes taxis & Mercedes limos used for the transportation of individuals (1-3 pax) providing high quality services.
Moreover, it maintains a network of selected partners to serve every request.